Brazilian Straight Hair Bundles 100% Unprocessed Hair Extensions With Closure

This hair was so soft and silky when I pulled it out the packaging. I was so amazed at the quality like unbelievable. I was so in love with this hair immediately out the packaging and it had no smell. I ran my hands thru the hair and got only a few strands of shedding from each bundle but that was it. The closure did not shed at all. The bundles were full from weft to ends and the closure was full too. Only con about this hair were all the short hairs in the bundles and the closure. But since I co wash and deep condition my wigs so often that helps seal the shorter strands.

Of course I made a wig as always and I bleached and sealed the knots of my closure. These bundles were so full that I had to pack my wig to get all the bundles to fit and I still wasn’t able to use all of the 12 inch bundle. I took 2 very small strands of hair in front of the ears on the wig and bleached them for 10 mins to test it. I figured if the hair didn’t bleach well I could cut the small pieces and nobody would ever know since the strands were so small. Well actually the hair bleached great. So after the wash and deep condition I left the hair like that for about a month. The wig is so full and bouncy and I just love it. After about a month I decided I wanted to try something new with this hair.

So I colored the hair a rich chocolate brown and decided I wanted to bleach the top half of the hair since I wear a side part. I wanted the blonde to lay on the side where more hair is. While the brown color was processing, I bleached the top part of the hair for about 35 mins and it turned a nice honey blonde color. I then used neutralizing shampoo on the entire wig to stop processing the color and the bleach. Then washed the blonde section with purple shampoo. Then deep conditioned the entire wig for 3 hours using Giovanni Deeper Moisture Conditioner and then rinsed the hair and let it air dry. It’s been like this now for another month and OMGGGG this hair is still every bit of AMAZING!!!