Synthetic Fiber Curly Ponytail Hair Extension hairpiece with Clip-in Jaw Clips

I am super happy with this hair extensions, it was like I was a whole new me when I put it on. It definitely boosts my confidence, and I love that it gives you options. I didn’t feel like the piece was too heavy, although some others here did. I pulled my hair into a tight slick ponytail with a good ponytail holder, and clipped it right over it, and it was super secure. So perhaps others are using this with a loose ponytail and the piece is hanging onto their existing ponytail???

I love it! I fooled a bunch of really picky female friends and super trendy gay male friends. Recommend using argan oil or gel on your hair when you pull it back so it matches the shininess of the ponytail. I got darkest brown and it almost looks black so if your hair is that not quite black shade this should work for you.

It really is as simple as clipping on the back of your own ponytail like any other claw clip, and takes SECONDS. I now use it for days I need to wash my hair but don’t have time for full dry and style. I do recommend brushing it before every time you clip it on. So far it has withstood several brushing so.