Synthetic Wavy Halo Hair Extension Natural Hairpieces

The halo hair extensions are very beautiful. The hair is very soft and human like. And it matched my color perfectly. The only downside to it, is when brushed some of the hair starts falling off. Not a lot, but it breaks easy so be careful when brushing. Always start at the ends and work your way up delicately.

The flip in extensions are very easy to wear, you can hide the little headband with your own hair. It might take a few minutes in the beginning, but it’s worth the work. I have medium short hair, more like shoulder length, but made it work. I have another set of extensions with clips instead of the headband, but I get a migraine in less than 3 hours. This one is better for people that suffer from migraines like me. There is no pulling and it is not very heavy. I was able to wear it for almost 8 hrs before starting to get a migraine.

The hair was thicker than I thought! So pretty and it feels real and looks real.

They are not only completely fluid with my natural hair, and color, but they are also very well made, considering the price. These are so much more comfortable than the old clip-in extensions that would pull and tug at your own hair. These, I actually fell asleep in!! That’s how comfortable they are. Very convincing as well. I’m platinum blond, and it’s extremely difficult to find a hair piece that actually matches the color of my hair. These are on point. They match exactly, so much so, my own mother thought it was my real hair.