Full Head Synthetic Hair Extensions Clip on Hairpieces

I love these clip in hair extensions. However, my hair is still on the short side with tons of layers so I also purchased the 7 piece set through the same company and I’m glad I did. I have brown black colored hair and “darkest brown” 24″ extensions are spot on with the color match. I also love the length, it comes down to my hip… As shown in the picture advertised. With my hair being short and full of layers, I had to do some trimming so the hair didn’t look boxy or choppy and would look more natural.

I was very disappointed in myself that I cut them too short, but they came out looking great and natural with nice layers. I even caught one of my employees off guard when she dropped off her dog and I had them in, and when she picked up her dog up I had already taken them out. She thought I got a hair cut, and she said she couldn’t tell I had extensions in. These hair extensions uk are a great product for the price and I will be back to order another one and it will not get cut other than trimming some layers in them.

Oh, and the halo hair extensions do tangle kind of easy, but it’s easy to run your fingers through them to get any tangles out. Simple trick: spray a light mist of leave in conditioner throughout the hair and they won’t tangle so easily.

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