100% Remy Premium AAAAA Human Hair, Fits like a Halo Hair Extensions

I have extremely thin, short hair because some medication caused a great deal of it to fall out. I began wearing extensions to mask the situation until my hair grows back. I have tried most types of extensions: Micro Bead, Nano-Bead, Tape-in and clip-in. They all caused the hair thinning to get worse. Right now, my hair is chin-length and very stringy–like the Crypt-Keeper, to be honest. I wear extensions underneath and Toppik Powder on top to conceal the situation. These halo hair extensions still blend in pretty well. I did cut some layers and different lengths in to them so there wouldn’t be such a dramatic transition from my natural hair to the extensions.

They were also very, very long. I am 5’10” and they come to my waist. I cut about 4″ off. They would be fun for a night out, but to the office they are a bit much. With that said, I feel like they are suitable for everyday wear. They move back and forth a little bit, but don’t feel like they would come out. I’m debating whether to sew a single clip into the back just to keep them from moving. As it stands, I think I can finally give my poor hair a break from the weight of the semi-permanent extensions.

I have wore clip-in extensions for about 7 years, but I’m really starting to like these. They definitely take some getting used to, and sometimes I feel like they will still fall off, but they are on your head pretty good. They send you 2 wires which is nice because I think I made my first one a little too loose. I would tie yours a little bit tighter originally. These don’t damage your hair, and take 1 minute to put in as opposed to like 20 with clip in. They blend well on my head and look natural. The only thing is that they make it a little harder to tuck your hair behind your ear if you’re a person like me that does that. All in all I’m really starting to like these. They are easier and better for your hair.

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