Halo Hair Extensions Dark Brown Highlights Caramel Blonde

So, I initially tried some synthetic hair that was precurled and already on the halo. It was priced around 25 or 30 and it just basically stunk. The color for this set was perfect for my dark blonde hair with highlights. The contrast looks sort of intense in the pics within the link, but once you’re wearing it blends nicely. I do want to get them trimmed so they blend better with my halo hair extensions.

They arrive all one length, but even as they are, they don’t look terrible. I am starting to understand why the weight matters. I do wish they were a bit thicker to match the top of my hair more, but I think that would only be a giveway to someone who also wears extensions and knows how to spot them. The other one I previously purchased in another brand had a stretchy band rather than the fishing line type one. I think the stretchy one was a little more comfortable, but this isn’t bad and feels pretty stable. I’m very pleased with these and they feel much better than clip-ins I’ve tried before! Once these are trimmed, I’ll be able to put in and run out the door in very little time, which I love!

I seriously cannot believe these. I just got them. Took 2 seconds to put in and match and blend with my hair perfectly! Amazing quality so soft like my hair! I got the 16” darkest brown to medium brown set and it’s jist perfect. I have medium length hair my strands are thin but I have a lot of hair so getting one set rather than 2 looks great. What a steel seriously. These also adjust if anyone was wondering. I watched YouTube videos on how to wear these but I prefer to wear these lower down on my head like an actual headband. Gives more length and feels more natural. These are definitely worth the price and feel much better than clip in hair extensions.

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